Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Claims and evaluations of Iraq's proscribed weapons
A detailed analysis of the actual likely extent of Iraq's weapons. The conclusion, which is effectively admitted by all, is that Iraq most likely has no nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons program, little or no chemical or biological program, and little or no delivery system (ie, rockets). Add in the fact that Iraq has no recent demonstrated aggressive intentions to any of its neighbours, much less to the UK, US or Australia; and no proven links with Al Queda or September 11, and it is clear there is no case for war. However, warmongering leaders like Bush, Blair and Howard, continue to insult the intelligence of their own peoples by talking up the threat and denying the proposed war is about seizing Iraq's vast oil reserves. By Glen Rangwala, who also exposed the plagiarism of the UK government in their recent "dossier" on Iraq.

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