Thursday, February 27, 2003

Iraq Attack not yet legal, says expert
More expert testimony that neither Resolution 1441 nor the US/UK draft 'second resolution' authorises war against Iraq, and that therefore any attack by Australia or other countries will be contrary to international law. Furthermore, any Australian involvement in such an illegal attack could leave Australian military and politicians liable to prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

'The definition of war crimes in international law included causing "excessive civilian damage that's disproportionate to the military objective". "What's excessive? What's disproportionate? These are matters for judgement, but it would seem to me that [with] estimates of a quarter of a million dead ... it's not difficult to say that is excessive civilian damage in light of the military objective of disarming Iraq." '

One wonders whether sanctimonious Tony Blair or Honest Little Deputy Johnny Howard who was filmed dropping to his knees in a London church ceremony for the victims of the Bali bombing have properly comprehended what it means to inflict a "quarter of a million dead" in an unnecessary and illegal war of mass death and destruction. Perhaps a spot in a war crimes trial in the exalted company of Hermann Goering, Adolf Eichmann and Slobodan Milosevic will assist their reflections.

It looks increasingly like the Bush Administration's "Mein Kampf" diplomatic and political strategy (ie, openly announce and publish your rejection of treaties and international law and move to dominate the whole world by military force) is turning into a godawful train wreck. Blair and Howard, who couldnt be more servile or obsequious to anything Washington proposes, are simply being hung out to dry. Blair in particular runs a serious risk of having his political career brutally terminated on the altar of the 'alliance' with the United States. It is a salutary lesson for any other politicians who continue to maintain illusions.

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