Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Carbon tax repeal: UK Conservative Environment Minister Lord Deben attacks Tony Abbott's 'reckless' plan to scrap carbon tax


Lord Deben "accus[ed] the Prime Minister of 'recklessly endangering' the future of the world."

He said Abbott "appears to be more concerned with advancing its own short-term political interests" than dealing with global warming.

No kidding. 

Abbott's victory over Labor in 2013 is a classic Pyrrhic victory - he won the battle but lost virtually the whole of his army of intellectual and moral credibility.

The Abbott Coalition and its climate change denialist position is a battleship in the age of the aircraft carrier. It was doomed the moment it left port. Sure, it got a lucky hit on the hapless HMS Gillard and blew her to smithereens, but all we have to do is hit the battleship Denial over and over again with every shell, bomb and torpedo we have until if finally capsizes and sinks.