Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Chomsky on chances of antiwar movement
"The probability of success of the antiwar campaign depends crucially on the base of its popular support... Let's make a comparison with other antiwar campaigns in the past: compared with the Vietnam War movement... The war in Vietnam started in 1962, publicly, with a public attack on South Vietnam - air force, chemical warfare, concentration camps, the whole business. No protest... the protest that did build up four or five years later was mostly about the bombing of the North, which was terrible, but was a sideshow. The main attack was against South Vietnam and there was never any serious protest against that. Here you've got massive protest before war's even started. It's just phenomenal. Of course, I am not sure whether we will actually be able to stop the war -- the timing is really short. But we can make it costly, and that is important. Even if we don't succeed in stopping the war it is important that the warmongers know it will be costly for them so that perhaps we may succeed in stopping the next one."

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