Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Bin Laden's message disturbing, says Downer
"This latest tape does contain some very disturbing words, it reinforces the Government's concern, if ever reinforcement was needed that if weapons of mass destruction were to fall into the hands of terrorist this would devastating consequences for global security," he said."

Presumably Downer is trying to argue the US line that the tape proves a link between Iraq and Bin Laden, and therefore we must attack Iraq. But of course it proves the opposite, that an attack on Iraq would be a gift for Bin Laden and likely sponsor numerous terrorist recruits to Al Queda and terrorist attacks in the future. As has been pointed out by the CIA last year, the only circumstances in which Saddam would be likely to either use WMD's (if he has them, which is doubtful) against either America or Israel, or pass such weapons to enemies of his such as Al Queda, would be if his regime and survival were on the very brink due to a massive American attack.

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