Friday, February 14, 2003

US to retain Baath party in power
"This formula sounds to some Iraqi opposition leaders as though much of Iraq's existing power structure, dominated by Hussein's ruling Baath Party, will maintain its role. "Power is being handed, essentially on a platter, to the second echelon of the Baath Party and the [Iraqi] Army officer corps," says Kanan Makiya, an adviser to Mr. Chalabi who discussed postwar Iraq with President Bush on Jan. 10. "It's going to have the opposite effect to what US wants it to have," he adds."

A Sunni junta or tyrant "just like Saddam, but who follows orders" has always been the preferred US type of government in Iraq. The US could not allow a Shiite majority government as it would be naturally aligned with Iran, nor could it allow the break up of the country into several parts. This is the reason why Saddam was left in power after the First Gulf War.

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