Monday, February 24, 2003

Saddam's troops face a stark choice: join the allies or die
"United States and British war planners are convinced most Iraqi troops will not fight, and believe the war will be won relatively quickly with minimal casualties - possibly on both sides."

Wishful thinking? Famous last words? The balance of forces is so greatly in favour of the US, and the tyranny no doubt so disliked, it is a 'reasonable' assumption that the 'coalition of the killing' will suffer few casualties of its own. But the very enormity of US force and its domestic political imperative to win quickly and decisively with few casualties means that they will unleash a massive barrage, everything that they have got, up to and possibly including nuclear weapons. In these circumstances it is hard to conceive of 'minimal' casualties among the Iraqis. The great unknown is whether the Iraqi army and people will resist, especially in Baghdad. If they do, casualties could be enormously increased.

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