Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Chirac says he will oppose second UN resolution
"Mr Chirac insisted that a second UN resolution authorising war against Iraq planned by the US and Britain remained unnecessary and would be vetoed by France. "There is no need for a second resolution today, which France would have no choice but to oppose," Mr Chirac said."

This is the first definite statement I have heard from Chirac that he will actually 'oppose' (ie, veto) a second resolution authorising war. Of course the Herald headline phrases the story in terms of its opposite, "EU agrees to use force as a last resort". The real story should be a banner headline, "France will Veto second resolution", complete with comment that it would be a historic act, the first time France has used a veto in the Security Council since 1956; and analysis on the political implications of such a veto for the United States, Tony Blair and John Howard; and discussion on the likelihood of such a significant veto actually being delivered and whether Russia and China would also join the veto. It is also worthy of comment, investigation and analysis as to whether the massive worldwide antiwar protests over the weekend have been the final factor which induced Chirac to definitely come out in opposition.

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