Saturday, February 22, 2003

Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences
"This nation is about to embark upon the first test of a revolutionary doctrine applied in an extraordinary way at an unfortunate time. The doctrine of preemption -- the idea that the United States or any other nation can legitimately attack a nation that is not imminently threatening but may be threatening in the future -- is a radical new twist on the traditional idea of self defense. It appears to be in contravention of international law and the UN Charter. And it is being tested at a time of world-wide terrorism, making many countries around the globe wonder if they will soon be on our -- or some other nation's -- hit list. High level Administration figures recently refused to take nuclear weapons off of the table when discussing a possible attack against Iraq. What could be more destabilizing and unwise than this type of uncertainty? There are huge cracks emerging in our time-honored alliances, and U.S. intentions are suddenly subject to damaging worldwide speculation."

American politicians from both major parties are a sorry lot (Australian politicians are not far behind), beholden to their corporate backers, actively working against the interests of their own people, with little to say that anybody would stop to listen for. But this speech by Sen Byrd is an exception, eloquently stating the concerns that many people must have even in the upper levels of the American system.

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