Tuesday, February 18, 2003

A People's Led Globalization Emerges
"The size of the week-end's demonstrations show that George W. Bush's attempts to cloak American aggression in a suit of concern for terrorism and/or weapons of mass destruction has utterly failed. The politics of the demonstrations put the blame for war right where it belongs on the shoulders of George W. Bush and Tony Blair."

"The main danger to anti-war action now is if the U.S. and Britain, through bribes and bullying, manage to broker a deal at the U.N. Security Council. If the U.N. approves an attack on Iraq, it may narrow the base of the movement. There is also, of course, the possibility that U.S. covert action will attempt to manufacture another horrifying incident as they did with the bogus story of Iraqi soldiers killing babies in incubators during the last Gulf War. Given the level of awareness today, it is unlikely they could get away with it."

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