Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Text of memorandum submitted to UN by France, Russia, Germany - Feb. 24, 2003
"While suspicions remain, no evidence has been given that Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction or capabilities in this field."

"To render possible a peaceful solution inspections should be given the necessary time and resources. However, they cannot continue indefinitely. Iraq must disarm. Its full and active co-operation is necessary. This must include the provision of all the additional and specific information on issues raised by the inspectors as well as compliance with their requests, as expressed in particular in [chief inspector Hans] Blix's letter of February 21st 2003. The combination of a clear program of action, reinforced inspections, a clear timeline and the military build-up provide a realistic means to reunite the Security Council and to exert maximum pressure on Iraq."

This memorandum calling for inspections to continue at least another four months is a direct challenge to the American/British drive to war, however at the same time it is an eminently reasonable and sensible disarmament proposal, which would likely attract the support of nearly the whole world barring the US,UK, and Australia and a handful of other war supporters. PM Howard and Opposition leader Crean should both be challenged to support this proposal.

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