Tuesday, February 25, 2003

UN resolution will fail: Woolcott
"There was a minimal prospect that a second United Nations Security Council resolution would clearly authorise war on Iraq, former Australian ambassador to the UN Richard Woolcott said. Mr Woolcott said he did not believe the proposed second UN resolution against Iraq, foreshadowed at the weekend by US, would give a clear go ahead to the US."

The US/UK are now unlikely to seek clear authorisation for war from a UN resolution because of the risk that it would be vetoed or voted down. But Tony Blair (and John Howard) desperately need a 'second' resolution, any resolution, so that they can say to their domestic populations that they have their 'second resolution'. People will object that the wording of the second resolution does not authorise war but it will be enough to base a propaganda barrage upon. For this reason it is best that the 'second resolution', whatever it is, is voted down. Deny them any legitimacy at all, or any opportunity to manufacture legitimacy, that is the relevancy of the UN at the present time.

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