Saturday, February 01, 2003

Interview: Iraqi Official Saad Qassem Hammoudy
Question: Why do you think the US seems so insistent on launching a war against Iraq?

Hammoudy: The US has many aims. It seeks to control Iraq and its oil, protect Israel's security, and reshape the Middle East's political map along ethnic and sectarian lines, in other words along the lines of the Sykes-Picot colonising plan [a 1916 agreement between the British and French assigning each mandates for territory in the Middle East]. Moreover, through controlling Iraqi oil, the US seeks to control the decisions of the EU [European Union] and Japan -- that is, to tighten its grip on the world through militarising globalisation. This will happen not only by targeting Iraq but the entire world. Iraq is only the first step; the entire Arab nation is targeted. [The Arabs] must support Iraq to help it overcome the first step in the US aggression."

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