Saturday, February 01, 2003

Daniel Ellsberg on the reckless danger of the Iraq war
"The notion that a war against Iraq is any way part of a "war against terror" is a dangerous hoax. On the contrary: the war against Iraq inevitably conflicts with the supposed campaign against terrorism, to the point of virtually nullifying the latter. The inevitable spectacle of massive US and UK killing of Muslim civilians-and for that matter, draftees, defending against an aggressive invasion-will, I believe, mean surrendering to the prospect of endless, escalating stalemate (not unlike Vietnam, but with less prospect of an eventual end or lessening, and with much higher consequences for the US civilian population) in the "war on terrorism."

"This will happen for three reasons: 1) the number of recruits for suicide bombing against the US and its allies (including, possibly, Germany) will increase a hundredfold; 2) regimes with sizeable Muslim populations (including Indonesia, the Philippines, France and Germany, not only in the Middle East) will find it politically almost impossible to be seen collaborating with the US on the anti-terrorism intelligence and police operations that are essential to lessening the terrorist threat (to which Saddam Hussein is not even contributing); 3) Iraq, under attack (and conceivably segments of the Pakistani Army) will finally share directly with Al Qaeda and others a capability for "weapons of mass destruction."

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