Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Crushing German Dissent: Why the U.S. Fears Europe
"President George W. Bush can hardly have been surprised that Schröder made opposition to an Iraq war part of his campaign platform in the parliamentary election last September: Bush, too, is a killer politician who knows a winning issue and how to use it. But he is shocked that Schröder has stuck with his promise to the electorate. The U.S. administration and its supporters believe that the precedent the chancellor set by running on an anti-American issue must not be allowed to stand. He must be humiliated as an example to others. The neoconservative theory that currently governs official thinking in Washington identifies Europe as the principal future rival and potential challenger of the United States... This is the first time that a German government has taken a stand against Washington and refused to back down. The chancellor who does this must not, in the current Washington view, be allowed to get away with it. What Schröder has done is all the more dangerous to Washington because he reflects popular opinion across Europe."

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