Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wallerstein: Iraq fiasco backfires for neocons/Likudniks: "The problem for Israel today is the Bush invasion of Iraq. It is a fiasco. And the American public is turning against it, each day more. The latest poll shows that for the first time a majority of the American public believe that the invasion was a mistake. And members of the Establishment like Sen. Fritz Hollings are now ready to write op-ed pieces saying that 'the United States has lost its moral authority.' As the U.S. reconsiders fundamentally what it has done in Iraq, it will not be too long after that the public will start to reconsider the unconditional support of Israel. And when that collapses, as it has in the last decade in western Europe, Israel will be in real trouble."

Middle East oil is expected to run out in about 30-40 years time. That is the outer limit of US support for Israel. Support could be withdrawn much earlier. The ongoing Zionist enterprise is insane: 3 million jews seeking to attain hegemony over 300 million Arabs. Failure (and possibly disaster) is inevitable. It is not too late, of course, to implement the two-state solution (as in the recent Geneva initiative) but the oddity and tragedy of modern 'democracies' is that sensible solutions are not attainable given the domination of the state by extremist/militarist/corporatist elements.

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