Friday, September 17, 2004

US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran' : "The Bush administration's warnings that it will not 'tolerate' a nuclear-armed Iran have opened up a lively policy debate in Washington over the merits of military strikes against the Islamic republic's nuclear programme. Analysts close to the administration say military options are under consideration, but have not reached a level of seriousness that indicate the US is preparing actual action.... Asked whether Israel would take military action if the US dithered, [neo-conservative Gary] Schmitt replied: "Absolutely. No government in Israel will let this pass ultimately.""

Prime Minister Howard needs to publicly state that Australia will not participate in a military attack on Iran, except under the aegis of the UN, and even then not necessarily. Australian foreign policy needs to be governed by the Charter of the UN; the problem of nuclear proliferation needs to be dealt with via the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. Both of these have been severely damaged by the rogue Bush Administration.

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