Monday, September 13, 2004

US losing war in Iraq: "Gen Trainor was the first to offer a summary judgment on the present situation in Iraq: "Well, I think, Margaret (Warner), that anybody that tries to put a good face on this situation-- that they're desperate-- I think that they're just whistling in the dark. This insurgency is going on, it's growing, it certainly has no indications of being an act of desperation at all."

"Colonel Sam Gardiner’s comments were more explicit: "Ray mentioned some of the numbers in terms of attacks per month. But if you look at, for example, the number of attacks per day, last October it was around 20. At the hand-off, it was 35. This month it was 87 -- numbers of attacks on the oil pipeline -- January and February, less than five; June, 16; August, 20; September, high already. The numbers aren't good. The numbers show that the insurgency is getting worse. We seem to have turned the corner, and it's getting worse."

"Both Trainor and Gardiner agreed that many of the cities in Sunni Iraq were now entirely under the control of insurgents.... Col. Gardiner went on to make this extraordinary admission: "I must say that the people I talk to who know about what's going on inside, the diplomats, the spies and the military people, say we're never going to have stability there until the Americans get out. We are causing much of this.""

"The fix the administration has picked, which is to get it off of the newspapers. The strategic communications objectives right now, as I read them, are to take this off of the radar screen of the American people. In July, you can... we were seeing roughly 250,000 articles in the world press per day about this. It's now down to 150.

"MARGARET WARNER: "What about the fix on the ground?"

"COL. SAM GARDINER: "There is no fix on the ground…When you get down to the point we are now, you're into tactical defense….Let's hope this thing somehow finds a solution. I don't hear anybody with a solution.""

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