Thursday, September 30, 2004

David Marr: Howard's 'dark victory': "Both sides of politics - Labor and Coalition - claim whatever galvanised Australia in the Tampa crisis can’t be called racism because it was so pervasive, so popular. Manipulating race for
electoral advantage is a hallmark of Howard’s government but he insists on the right to cut down Native Title and turn back boats filled with Moslem refugees without this being named for what it is, “without being accused of prejudice or bigotry, without being knocked off course by ... phoney charges of racism”."

Howard with his remarks on Asian immigration way back in the 80s indicated his support for racism. It has just taken this long for the opportunity to arise that he can exploit. Hanson opened the way. World War 11 was a shock and helped create something of a bi-partisan taboo - racism was too horrible to contemplate. But with the passage of time and the rise of Hanson/Howard, the taboo has worn off and the issue is being exploited by a skilled operator. In other words, business as usual.

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