Sunday, September 26, 2004

Downer invites attack on Australian soil by foreign forces: "Indonesia would be entitled to launch a pre-emptive strike against terrorists in Australia threatening the country, if Canberra refused to take action against them, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said yesterday."

I wonder whether there is any other example in recorded history of a government leader permitting an attack on his own country. Surely Downer could not be the biggest idiot in world history?

The last country to bomb northern Australia was Imperial Japan during World War 11. No one bombs or attacks Australia, ever, for any reason, on any pretext whatsoever. That is an act of war which is totally unacceptable. For a senior Australia Government official to suggest, permit or encourage such an act is nothing less than treason. Such a person should be immediately dismissed from office and charged.

Of course, Downer (like Howard) is nothing but a fool and hardly anybody would take him seriously, including our northern neigbours (luckily). Still it is remarkable that the folly and nonsense of the doctrine of 'pre-emptive strikes' could be articulated and its sponsors not be immediately shouted down and removed from office.

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