Monday, September 06, 2004

Liberal MP: Asylum seekers should be quarantined like animals: "A Liberal MP fighting to keep her marginal seat has sparked outrage for appearing to suggest asylum seekers require the same quarantine checks as cats and dogs. Trish Worth, who holds the seat of Adelaide by a wafer thin margin of just 0.6 per cent, drew gasps and jeers from the audience when she made the comments at a public forum on asylum seekers.

"Called on to justify the government's policy of mandatory detention, the parliamentary secretary told the crowd that she hated the thought of anyone being held in detention. But she said there were 'some very practical reasons' for that.

"'I mean, if you bring a dog into this country or a cat from some countries ....' she said, before being drowned out by a rumble of interjections from the audience. 'Look, can you just hear me out please. Can you just hear me out. 'There are certain tests to be carried out. There are health checks.'"

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