Sunday, September 12, 2004

Iraq role could make us a target, but we must not debate that: Deputy PM Anderson: "The deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, said today that Australia could have been targeted by terrorists because of its involvement in the Iraq war. But Mr Anderson said Australia had already been a target before the war and intelligence agencies had not advised the national security committee that the Iraq war involvement had made the nation a greater target."

Who could trust the 'intelligence' agencies...

"Mr Anderson said it was important that the election campaign avoided a debate on the merits of withdrawing troops from Iraq. "It's very important that no political commentary be attached to debates about our involvement and who would be best to handle it," he said. "I just make the point that there can be no politicisation of that."

Will Latham fall for this nonsense? Or rather, will he be able to say a single thing about the biggest issue of the campaign and in the world today?

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