Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Peak Oil & Gas - is nuclear energy the answer?: "Physicist David Goodstein writes in Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil -- 'Is there enough uranium around for that to be a long-term solution? Just like oil reserves, as at an earlier time, uranium reserves will surely increase, as a result of both further exploration and advancing technology. However, known reserves are estimated to be enough to supply all of Earth's energy needs - at the current rate of energy consumption - for a period of only five to twenty-five years. That ignores the growing world demand for power, as well as the Hubbert's peak effect, which just as valid for uranium as for oil.'

"Planet earth has been scoured and raped of its mineral resources. The large, 'easy to extract' finds have been made. Here too, depletion is the watchword. There is no equivalent energy replacement - this is not a debatable issue, this is an unpleasant fact.... Clearly, the issue at hand is how to best manage the decline of our society to one that is simpler and less complex."

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