Saturday, September 18, 2004

John & Belle Have A Blog: Why I Was So Totally Wrong About Iraq: Blogger and commenters discuss why they were wrong on Iraq. It all seems to me to display a greater or lesser degree of naivete. It has been said by someone 'Chomsky has been proven correct', although one might respond, when was he ever wrong? From his 1967 essay What is the responsibility of intellectuals? (the responsibility of intellectuals is to tell the truth and expose lies) until today he has told the story as plainly as can be. Humankind learns lessons the hard way, and then go to the grave with their wisdom, leaving the next generation to learn it all over again. But the Iraq war has demonstrated in stunning fashion to the whole globe the basic lessons: Power corrupts, Leaders cannot be trusted, Governments lie, War is a crime, States act for 'national interest', not humanitarian motives, the corporate media is a propaganda system, the military is a menace, etc etc.

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