Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Dangerous Game: ordinary people's support for authoritarian/militarist/corporatist leadership: "ordinary voters whose jobs have been shipped abroad by Bush-promoted economic 'values' and whose kids are being sacrificed on the killing sands of Iraq, but who are nevertheless quite enthusiastic about the Republican ticket. The phenomenon of workaday folks who are getting royally screwed by the Right facilitating their own shafting is undeniably disturbing.

"History shows that fascism lethally consolidates itself when the people it will inevitably destroy become its staunchest, massively deceived backers. But we shouldn't succumb to hopelessness. For every woefully misled person who alternates between listening to Rush Limbaugh and Toby Keith, thereby tightening the piano wire around his or her own neck, there's someone with sufficient social consciousness and political savvy to recognize the ominous, pre-Hitlerian parallels in America today."

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