Monday, January 12, 2004

Zionism as an offshoot of imperialism: "Abed Alwahab Almasiri, an expert on Jewish history, has published a book entitled, The Protocols, Judaism and Zionism (Cairo 2003). This progressive, scholarly work is exceptional: it argues against the prejudices that are presently rife in the Arab world. Almasiri explains: 'Zionism's use of violence [in the Palestinian Territories] is a natural product of the racist, imperialistic culture in whose framework this movement has acted. Zionism became an accomplished fact only with the full realization of western imperialism, and it continues to act within this framework. It comprehends the world according to the imperialist political map.' 'Herzl,' adds Almasiri, 'understood that the West could get rid of the Jews by steering them to a place beyond its borders. He understood that the only recourse was to appeal to Western imperialism as the sole mechanism that could make his Zionist colonial project work.'

"Almasiri finds the reason for the power of the Zionist lobby in the services that Zionism performs for American imperial interests. He adds: 'The Zionist movement is not part of Jewish history. It is not part of the Torah or Talmud, despite the use it has made of this window dressing. Zionism belongs to the history of western imperialism. It is the latter's solution to the Jewish question.'"

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