Friday, January 30, 2004

My Government also cleared: Howard: "The Hutton report clearing Tony Blair also exonerated the Australian Government and put to rest claims that the country had gone to war on a lie, the Prime Minister, John Howard, said. "And those who have accused us of taking Australia to war on a lie owe me as much an apology as those who made an equal accusation against Tony Blair owe him an apology.""

This is sensational news. Hutton must have found the weapons that Hans Blix, David Kay and the whole US army have not been able to find, not a vial, for over a year now! Hutton must also have found the links to al-Qaeda!

What about the WMD threat? Was that not a lie? What about the links to al-Qaeda? Was that not a lie? What about the denied but real reasons for participation in the war: the alliance with the USA and committment to its imperialist and hegemonic ambitions? Was that not a lie? What will the Labor opposition say in response to Howard?

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