Saturday, January 10, 2004

Australia sends more troops to Iraq to provide security: "The troop rotation comes as several Australian companies await word on whether their bids to win contracts for reconstruction work will be granted. Australian oil company Worley has submitted a joint bid with United States' concern the Parsons Corporation to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure. Parsons and fellow US company Bechtel were this week awarded new contracts worth 1.8 billion US dollars towards rebuilding Iraq. A second Australian group, Clough Engineering, is also seeking work in the gas and oil area. Australia was one of the United States's staunchest allies in its war against Iraq and remains hopeful of being granted reconstruction contracts. Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile visited Iraq in December and promoted Australian companies to the man in charge of awarding reconstruction contracts, retired US Navy Admiral David Nash. Vaile's spokesman said Australian companies with connections to Bechtel and Parsons were in a good position to pick up work. 'Australian companies are well positioned provided they have the relevant expertise and skills to take advantage of any sub-contracts that arise from those contracts,' he told AFP."

The shameful role in Iraq played by the Australian armed forces is to hold the country down while it is repeatedly raped by foreign corporations. 'War is a racket' as General Butler said.

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