Tuesday, January 13, 2004

US Army war college: War on terrorism doomed: "A scathing report published by the Army War College criticises the US's handling of the 'war on terrorism', accusing it of taking a detour into an unnecessary war in Iraq and pursuing an unrealistic quest against terrorism that may lead to US wars with nations posing no serious threat."

""The global war on terrorism as currently defined and waged is dangerously indiscriminate and ambitious, and accordingly . . . its parameters should be readjusted," Professor Record said. The anti-terrorism campaign was "strategically unfocused, promises more than it can deliver and threatens to dissipate US military resources in an endless and hopeless search for absolute security"."

"Many of Professor Record's arguments, such as the contention that Iraq was deterred and did not present a threat, have been made before by critics of the Bush Administration. Iraq, he concludes, "was a war-of-choice distraction from the war of necessity against" al-Qaeda. However, it is unusual to have such views published by the war college, the US Army's premier academic institution... The essay concluded with several recommendations, including one that the US scale back its ambitions in Iraq and be prepared to settle for a "friendly autocracy" there rather than a genuine democracy."

In other words, the 'war on terror' is nothing but a fraud. It doesnt take Einstein to figure this out. As for the 'friendly autocracy' in Iraq, as if that was anything but the original goal.

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