Saturday, January 31, 2004

Jewish, Arab Americans Disapprove of Bush Mideast Policy, support Geneva initiative: "The two polls, which were aimed mainly at assessing support in both US communities for the unofficial Geneva Initiative that was signed Dec. 1 by prominent Israeli and Palestinian personalities, found the two groups are not as far apart as one might expect.

"About 43 percent of both communities strongly or somewhat supported the Initiative, while 4.9 percent of Arab citizens and 8.9 percent of Jewish respondents said they opposed it. But about one-half of the Arab group and 44.4 percent of the Jewish group said they did not know enough about the plan to make a judgment.

"When they were offered key details, however, 50.2 percent of the Jewish group said they were more likely to back the Initiative; 22.4 percent said they were more likely to oppose it, while the rest said their position had not changed or that they were uncertain. On the Arab side, 73.5 percent said they were more likely to support the Initiative, 7.9 percent said less likely and the rest said the details made no difference or they were unsure."

Yet another demonstration of the remarkable fact that modern 'democratic' government is far apart from what the people actually want; and is in fact in thrall to minority extremist interests.

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