Thursday, January 22, 2004

US plan: sovereignty or puppet government?: "Bush and his viceroy, L. Paul Bremer, and their handpicked quisling officials in the provisional authority, are trying to rig the summer 'sovereignty' exercise by running elections through open ballot caucuses, [while Shiite demonstrators] are demanding instead an election by universal suffrage. Of course, if there were a real open one-person, one-vote election in Iraq, odds are that the outcome would be a government that would promptly demand that the U.S. pull out, immediately, lock, stock and barrel.

"That's why Bremer is running back and forth between his Baghdad palace and Washington, and inviting in the U.N., trying to come up with some kind of a scheme in which the government could be somehow elected, but would have to agree in advance not to order the U.S. to leave. Some kinda 'sovereignty!' I checked my dictionary, and the definition of the term sovereignty was 'supreme and unrestricted power.' That's pretty unambiguous wording. Clearly if you have a government, but it can't tell an occupying army to scram, you don't have a sovereign government.

"Although the corporate media is still content to repeat uncritically the White House's use of the term sovereignty, the dictionary definition of the word is rather hard to get around, and it makes a joke of the so called 'handover of sovereignty' being planned by Washington for Iraq for this June or July. In fact, contemplating Iraq's future administration, the term 'puppet government' comes most readily to mind. My dictionary defines that as 'a state that appears independent but is controlled by another.'"

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