Saturday, January 10, 2004

Head of Jordan’s Bar Association demands defense panel for Saddam, says Bush, Blair should be tried: "“The real intention behind the capture of Saddam is to terrorize the Arab nations and humanity as a whole…President Bush and his administration are the ones who should be brought to trial as they are the major threat to world peace,” added Mujalli. Mujalli has sent requests to all Arab and international Organizations, including the UN, to bring to trial the governments of Israel, Britain and the US for their crimes against humanity. He is also requesting that these organizations demand an immediate end to the continuing aggression against Iraq and its people, including the former president of Iraq... In response to a question about the impact of his appeal on the Iraqi public [who are demanding a trial of the ousted president], “these are the people who should be brought to trial, because there will never be a fair trial under American occupation. It is also known that the US had fought against the formation of the international criminal court because it [US] fears it will be the first one to be brought to trial for committing so many crimes against humanity.”"

""When asked about the former Iraqi leader’s record of mass killings and the use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish north, he replied “on the contrary! The United States is the one committing mass killings and is responsible for terrorizing the whole world…its record is full of horrible crimes against humanity.” Mujalli concluded his conversation by saying “we are now facing an American-British-Zionist occupation of Iraq, and talking about the past will only distract the entire Arab nation from what is really happening [in Iraq]. All Arabs have to embark on ‘comprehensive resistance’ to expel the occupation from the Arab lands - and I mean all the Arab lands - Iraq and Palestine, because both occupations are two faces of the same cause.”"

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