Monday, January 05, 2004

AlterNet: 2003 Media Follies! Remember, they told us they'd lie to us. They were telling the truth: "Understanding what's actually happening has never been more important – and spinmeisters' efforts to obscure what's actually happening will be stronger and more technologically savvy than ever. It's time to get smart."

"On the basis of its subsequent media saturation – books and TV instamovie included – the bogus story of Jessica Lynch's "rescue" narrowly outpolls the toppling of Saddam's statue as the most sickening episode of government lying for political gain in recent memory. (The "official" story of Saddam's capture may yet prove to join this elite company.) Both the statue and Lynch stories were easily and quickly discredited in foreign media – and, eventually, in U.S. media as well – but remain iconic markers of the "heroic" Iraq invasion in the minds of many Americans."

"Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. Neither man has a chance for the Democratic nomination. Yet both Kucinich and Sharpton have generated fiercely loyal followings as the only two candidates in a crowded field with the clarity and guts to challenge fundamental assumptions of the Bush domestic and foreign policy agendas. Howard Dean's successful candidacy wouldn't be possible without this pair on his flank, making him look "more reasonable" even as corporate media ignore or ridicule their campaigns."

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