Sunday, December 14, 2003

US State terror: the real scandal is silence: "The stories appear--then they disappear. There is no reaction. No outcry in Congress or the courts--the supposed guardians of the people's rights--beyond a few wan calls for more formality in the concentration camp processing or judicial 'warrants' for torture. And among the great mass of 'the people' itself, there is--nothing. Silence. Inattention. Acquiescence. State terrorism--lawless seizure, filthy torture, official murder--is simply accepted, a part of 'normal life,' as in Nazi Germany or Stalin's empire, where 'decent people' with 'nothing to hide' approved and applauded the work of the 'organs' in 'defending national security.' This is the scandal, this is the nation's festering shame. This acquiescence to state terror will breed--and attract--a thousand evils for every one it supposedly prevents."

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