Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Judge rules US troops were 'guinea pigs' for anthrax jabs: "The Pentagon has suspended compulsory vaccination of US troops against anthrax after a federal court judge ordered the military to stop treating its personnel like 'guinea pigs'. US District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the mandatory inoculations, administered to more than 900,000 troops, violated a law passed in 1998 prohibiting the use of experimental drugs on troops.

"Earlier this year 52 Australian troops were flown home from the Persian Gulf after they refused to have the vaccine because they were concerned about possible side-effects. This was despite the vaccination being voluntary for Australian forces... Defence Minister Robert Hill and the Defence Department would not comment."

Did Defence Minister Senator Robert Hill make good on his promise and have his own anthrax jab when he visited the Gulf? Not bloody likely. Given the prevalence of 'Gulf War syndrome' no one in their right mind would take an anthrax vaccine or any of the other frightening cocktails, or go anywhere near a depleted uranium site.

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