Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Israel targets Jerusalem's Palestinians: "A law passed by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government in the late 1990s, declared that any Palestinian who has not lived in the city for seven continuous years loses his residency rights. The Netanyahu law, whose time limit has since been changed to three years, does not apply to Israeli Jews. Palestinians expatriates, like Cleveland-based Abu Khalid, are particularly vulnerable to this law. Although he holds a Jerusalem identity card, he was unable to attend his parents' funerals in Jerusalem a few years ago."

This is a detail in the apalling and senseless racism that governs the Jewish state, a racism that can only be compared to Apartheid South Africa. Zionist Israel is a kind of tragedy or nightmare, where the victims and the descendents of the Holocaust learnt the wrong lessons: that the world is divided into fascists and racists, and victims; and that it is better to be a fascist and a racist than a victim.

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