Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Iran calls for Saddam to stand trial in an international court: "Iran called Monday for an international court to try Saddam Hussein, adding the court must hear which nations sold him weapons _ a reference to alleged U.S. military supplies during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war... Iranians regard Saddam as the man who began an eight-year war against their country in which more than a million people were killed or wounded... In court, ``it must also be made clear who armed this dictator to push the region into three big crises,'' Ramezanzadeh said, apparently referring to the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf war of 1991 _ when a U.S.-led coalition drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, and this year's invasion of Iraq by a U.S.-led alliance."

Any kind of fair-dinkum, open, international trial of Saddam would be a major headache for the US and other Western powers, more embarassing than the Milosevic trial. But Rumsfeld has got him in a US military prison and he wont be released anywhere the outcome is not guaranteed to suit the US.

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