Monday, December 08, 2003

Opera house antiwar activists face gaol: "On March the 18th 2003, at precisely the same time as George W Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair were declaring an illegal war on Iraq, Dr Will Saunders and Dave Burgess climbed the Sydney Opera House and painted 'No War' on its highest sail. They were arrested and charged with malicious damage and willfully marking a building with paint. The Opera House claims the paint costs $166,000 to remove and Will and Dave are being pursued to pay this."

"Both Will and Dave had prepared extensive defense cases. Part of this defense was based on Section 418 of the NSW Crimes Act, which states that you are not guilty of a crime if it was committed with the aim of preventing injury or death, damage to property, deprivation of liberty or criminal trespass. It is now clear that the illegal war in Iraq has resulted in all of these things happening."

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