Sunday, December 21, 2003

Avnery: Sharon's plan is the same he has had for decades: "All this confirms the old American adage: A sucker is born every minute. I have already warned a dozen times: Don't pay attention to what Sharon says, pay attention to what Sharon does. His pronouncements can be ignored, they serve only to fulfil the tactical requirements of the moment. But his actions are very, very important. And his actions are quite clear: The Wall is being extended at a frenzied pace. In the Sharon tradition, it is creating 'Facts on the Ground.' The Palestinian territory is being cut into ribbons. Before our eyes, isolated Palestinian enclaves are appearing, each of them an open air prison. And while the army is removing one uninhabited mobile home in one 'illegal' hilltop outpost, the government is pushing the enlargement of the settlements by all available means."

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