Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Uri Avnery: Sharon's Speech, the Decoded Version: "In his speech, Sharon outlined a whole, detailed--and extremely dangerous--plan. Those who did not understand--Israelis, Palestinians and foreign diplomats--will be unable to react effectively."

"Some weeks ago, a satirical supplement published a slogan: "YES to peace, NO to Palestinians" ... But beneath the road to the implementation of the Sharon Plan there lie two big landmines: the settlers and the Palestinians."

"In the end, the basic factors will be decisive: the endurance of the two peoples, their readiness to continue the bloody fight, with all its economic and social implications, as well as the willingness of the world to look on passively... Eventually, the fate of this plan will be the same as the fate of all the other grandiose plans put forward by Sharon it in his long career. One need only think of the Lebanon war and its price."

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