Sunday, August 03, 2003

Report: Iraq Conflict May Have Driven Muslims into Arms of al-Qa'ida': "The war to topple Saddam Hussein may have damaged the campaign against international terrorism by driving Muslims into the arms of al-Qa'ida, an all-party committee of MPs said yesterday. The Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee said al-Qa'ida remained a 'significant threat' to Britain, after hearing that the terrorist network may still have the loyalty of more than 17,000 militants in up to 60 countries. In a report that raises questions about an important part of the justification for war, MPs said the campaign in Iraq might have 'enhanced the appeal of al-Qa'ida to Muslims living in the Gulf region and elsewhere'."

Now that's a resounding success for Bush/Blair/Howard and their "war on terror". Howard in particular should be confronted with reports such as these and forced to answer them, but the opposition is so incredibly weak they cannot see a gift.

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