Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Mumbai: Terror's Frankenstein on the loose: "This episode duly confirms that the decisive factor that makes South Asia so dangerous is the fact that, bearing all the aforementioned factors in mind, the terrorists, Pakistan, and India constantly act in reckless and provocative ways in order to stimulate or make the most of a crisis. [the author might have included here the US policy in Afghanistan and Iraq as 'reckless and provocative acts to make the most of a crisis']... Hence it would not take relatively much to destabilize Pakistan, a nuclear state, and unseat its government, or at least this is what the fanatics believe. The crisis the terrorists and their supporters hope to provoke aims to bring about precisely the kind of outcome the world most fears, a general Indo-Pakistani war and/or general crisis in Pakistan... the most urgent lesson is that India and Pakistan must not give the terrorists the war that they want."

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