Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Abbott set up slush fund to ruin Hanson: "One of the Howard Government's most senior ministers last night revealed he raised nearly $100,000 to lay the groundwork for Pauline Hanson's prosecution for electoral fraud."

Howard's attack dog Abbott has acted to destroy Pauline Hanson and One Nation and yet Howard himself is the biggest benificiary of the One Nation movement. This as much as anything is an indication of Howard's mastery of race politics at the moment. It is however a high wire act which depends on the public not cottoning on. For example, the brutal action against boat people such as those on the Tampa only kept out some several hundred people of middle eastern race, and yet immigration policy in the same period admitted over 60,000 Asians per year. We need to remember that Hanson's hysterics about being "swamped by Asians" is a core part of her appeal.

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