Monday, August 11, 2003

Rush Limbaugh attacks Arnold, makes him sound like a real leader: "'He has told the press he is 'very liberal' about social programs, supports abortion and homosexual adoption, and advocates 'sensible gun controls.' His entree into politics last year was a proposition Democrats endorsed because it raised state spending for what amounted to state babysitting - before-school and after-school programs that cost the state up to $455 million a year. He has complained openly about the party's conservatism.... Talk magazine described him as 'impatient' with the religious right....

"[H]e expressed disgust with the Republicans who impeached Clinton. 'That was another thing I will never forgive the Republican Party for,' he said. 'We spent one year wasting time because there was a human failure. I was ashamed to call myself a Republican during that period.''"

What a surprise. It will be interesting to see therefore whether the hard right Republicans will flatten Arnold's candidacy or whether he represents a seachange in the party.

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