Saturday, August 23, 2003

Tony Abbott's dirty Hanson trick - and he lied about it, of course: "As you read Howard's blather on Hanson today (PM labels Hanson's jail sentence 'severe'), bear in mind that his close mate and political hatchet man Tony Abbott - the bloke who hand-picked the appalling David Oldfield to work in his Canberra office - was involved in destroying One Nation. Last night's Johnathan Harley Lateline report Hanson's fall the result of long campaign is instructive. Abbott got disaffected One Nation member Terry Sharples a barrister with close Liberal Party connections to mount a civil case against the registration of One Nation and promised Sharples he'd help fund the case. He denied this on the record to Four Corners. When confronted with a document proving his lie, he said misleading the ABC was not as bad as misleading Palriament. We know from the last couple of weeks that misleading parliament is cool these days"

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