Sunday, August 24, 2003

Corporate media bias in Palestine Reporting: "When the two Palestinian suicide bombers each killed an Israeli civilian along with themselves on August 12, U.S. news outlets immediately depicted the attacks as an apparent resurgence in Mideast violence. 'Summer truce shattered in Israel,' announced CBS (8/12/03), while NBC (8/12/03) reported that 'the attacks broke more than a month of relative silence.' The Los Angeles Times (8/13/03) wrote that the bombings 'broke a six-week stretch during which the people of this war-weary land had enjoyed relative quiet.'

"During this six-week period of 'relative quiet,' however, some 17 Palestinians were killed and at least 59 injured by Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society. The dead included Mahmoud Kabaha, a four-year-old boy, who was sitting in the back seat of a jeep with his family at a checkpoint when an Israeli soldier shot him dead-- in a spray of bullets that the army simply called an 'accidental burst of gunfire' (Associated Press, 7/25/03). Virtually none of the major U.S. news reports on the August 12 bombings alluded to the Palestinian death toll in this period, leaving out a key piece of the story: For Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the violence had never ceased; while the Israeli attacks had decreased, there had never been anything like an Israeli cease-fire."

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