Saturday, August 09, 2003

Howard talks death penalty: "The Prime Minister told Melbourne radio that while he did not personally support capital punishment for pragmatic reasons, there were a lot of people close to him who were in favour of it. 'I know lots of Australians who believe that a death penalty is appropriate and they are not barbaric, they're not insensitive, they're not vindictive, they're not vengeful, they're people who believe that if you take another's life deliberately then justice requires that your life be taken.'"

This is classic Howard, reminiscent of his non-leadership on issues such as racism, Hanson, Muslim veils, refugees etc. Howard says he doesnt support the death penalty but I dont believe Howard cares about anything except dividing the community in ways which may be politically beneficial to him. In terms of protecting the country's values, Howard would have to be one of the weakest Prime Ministers we have ever had.

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