Thursday, August 21, 2003

US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is a dream come true for Bin Ladin and other jihadis: "The targeting of the UN is attributed by jihadi sources to the following objectives:
# To eliminate Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN special representative, who was viewed by the foreign jihadi and local resistance elements as a nominee of the United States, and whose selection for this job was allegedly imposed by the US on the UN secretary general.
# To retaliate against the UN for its endorsement of the interim Governing Council of Iraqis chosen by the United States. These Iraqis are viewed as US quislings.
# To warn other nations not to send their troops to Iraq to help out the US occupying forces even under a UN mandate.

"The jihadi and other resistance elements have been saying that just as the jihad of the 1980s in Afghanistan brought about the collapse of one superpower (the Soviet Union), the present jihad in Iraq, which, according to them, is being waged in tandem with that in Afghanistan, will bring about the end of the other superpower (the United States). They claim to have already trapped the US troops in Iraq and do not want any other nation to come to the rescue of the Americans, as they want to bleed them to death."

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