Wednesday, August 13, 2003

ASIO chief warns Australians are targets for terrorist attacks: "the director general of ASIO, Dennis Richardson, said that Australia's 'close alliance' with the US has contributed to it being a target for terrorists. And it was 'only a matter of time' before there was a 'catastrophic' - chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear - terrorist attack.

"Mr Richardson made the comments at an off-the-record briefing to the annual conference of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publisher's Association last week, but decided to make his remarks public yesterday. He told the conference 'there is a genuine concern that a catastrophic attack is a certainty and only a matter of time - a point on which I am inclined to agree'. 'The fact that we are in close alliance with the US and the fact that we were early and actively engaged in the war on terrorism does contribute to us being a target,' he said."

The 'close alliance' in the 'war on terrorism' includes the illegal and immoral attack on Iraq partly based on the wholly false pretext of links to al-Qaida. Australia's genuine security interest dictate that it not be involved in such wars. Howard likes the photo opportunity of hugging Bali survivors and clapping on the back the heroes of our foreign wars, but what responsibility will he take for the next terrorist attack when he has been warned again and again at all levels that Australian policy is increasing the risk of terrorist attacks against Australia?

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