Monday, October 18, 2004

US troops Mutiny against 'Suicide Mission' (ie, road from Baghdad to Kuwait): "'The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters,' said Harold Casey of Louisville, Ky., whose grandson, Justin Rogers, told him yesterday that he and others were detained under guard for several days. 'It would have caused them to crash ... They saved lives,' Casey said his grandson told him."

"When the tired soldiers were ordered to haul the fuel to Taji, north of Baghdad, they learned they would have to go on the convoy with no air support. Their road was a 450-mile stretch that connects Baghdad and Kuwait. Scores of convoys in Iraq have come under attack, hit by homemade roadside bombs. Beverly Dobbs, of Vandiver, Ala., mother of Spec. Joseph Dobbs, 19, told online magazine Salon she got a panicked call from her son Wednesday. "Mama, we're in a lot of trouble," he said.

"We had some contaminated fuel. We went out on this mission, and they turned us back, and our captain got mad and was gonna send us out on another mission," Beverly Dobbs recalled her son saying. "We refused to go because our vehicles were in awful shape. The place they wanted to send us was dangerous. We had to go without guns. All of us refused to go. We're not risking our lives like that.""

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